Originally, I went to school to become a Developmental Services Worker & supported people with disabilities for a number of years before I had my kiddies; Arie & Lola.

I started photographing my son when he first came along...I had some deep fears surrounding loss; I've always been afraid of forgetting my kid's little details. 
I think I will always remember the look on my son’s face when he walked into the hospital room to meet his sister for the first time… but just in case I have a photo of it. Looking at it can bring me back to that moment, where my heart wanted to jump out of my chest, and I struggled to hold back tears. He had this soft, inquisitive look in his eye as he approached us slowly; his sister in my arms. The photo is below :)

My goal is to be able to do that for others; create photographs that will bring you back to those moments, that maybe one day you’ll forget. 

hello. I'm ASHLEE!




The photo I mentioned above

The best way to get a feel for my photography is to check out the galleries  where I have everything laid out in blog post style so you can see a ton of photos from each featured session. My goal when photographing is to tell a story; down to the tiniest details, or moments that maybe you didn't even realize happened.
This approach is what speaks to my soul the most. I want you to look back at your photos and feel like you're there again, in those moments. From your parent's wiping away tears at your wedding, to the way your partner looks into your eyes, to your baby's little toes...
Ashlee xo

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