Holland Marsh Wineries Wedding | New Market

Holland Marsh Wineries Wedding | Photography and Videography

Alivya and Dan were married at the Holland Marsh Wineries in Newmarket, Ontario. This stunning venue, complete with beautiful backdrops (and delicious wine!) made this wedding one I will never forget.

A few of my favourite moments?

As Alivya and Dan were getting ready with their wedding party, they shared personal and heartfelt letters to one another, with key highlights captured on their wedding video (take a peek below to get a glimpse!) They were beautifully crafted and deeply personal, showcasing their love and affection for one another – there was not a dry eye for those who witnessed this moment.

The wedding party brought an element of excitement and surprise to the festivities with a meticulously choreographed dance routine. Their enthusiasm set the mood for an epic reception and infused such fun and energy into their special day.

One of the most poignant moments of the wedding was the speeches exchanged between the groom, Dan, and his father. The heartfelt words spoken by father and son evoked a range of emotions, moving many to tears. Their speeches not only showcased the deep love and admiration they had for one another but also served as a reminder of the enduring bonds of family.

As the evening progressed and the temperature dropped, Alivya and Dan ventured indoors for a series of photos- we explored the winery’s cellar and their empty reception space, creating a unique backdrop for their pictures, capturing in the ambiance of the winery.

Alivya and Dan’s wedding at the Holland Marsh Wineries was a truly remarkable – filled with heartfelt moments, celebration, and connection creating a truly unforgettable day. Congratulations!

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